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Amelia’s Flights of Poetry

This is National Poetry Month, celebrating verse in popular culture and American lives. And it’s safe to say that few poets have flown as high—on words and wings—as Amelia Earhart.

Poetry, to Amelia, was essential, an outlet for…

Just Winging It

Amelia Earhart never had a plan.

She didn’t have a career path, a list of things she had to accomplish in life—to be famous, a mother or a hero.

She just wanted to fly, because it thrilled her, and she did what she…

Amelia’s Psychic Adventures with Mae West

Amelia Earhart's drive to push limits and break barriers in every way even led to her to experiment with ESP and psychic phenomena.

Less than two years after she disappeared, in 1939, her husband, George Palmer Putnam, told a reporter…